My Disability Matters is creating a new venture to help people who live with disability achieve greater equality when planning, booking and experiencing travel.

Travel For All will allow travellers with accessibility needs to find the tourist accommodation and activities that suit their requirements.

This will assist travellers with disability and many other people, as the need for accessibility may be temporary or permanent and be related to disability, age, accident or illness. People may have mobility, sensory or communication limitations.

Travel For All provides a way for tourism operators to provide more detailed information to people with accessibility needs. Providing more information is essential for potential travellers to find places to stay and things to do.

The Travel For All blog and discussion forums are now live. Tourism listings will launch in early 2020.  

For Travellers

Travel For All will gather the information you need to make informed decisions about where you stay and what you do when on holiday, or travelling for work.

Your accessibility needs may be extensive, or you may have just a couple of key requirements that must be in place. The operators listed on Travel For All will include the information you need.

As a member of the Travel For All Community you will be able to add reviews and accessibility information for listings.

The community is now live. Join now to meet other travellers.

Listings are coming soon.

Dale Reardon and Charlie, his seeing eye dog

For Tourism Operators

Travel For All will help you attract new customers from the valuable and growing accessible travel market.

We will assist owners and operators of travel related businesses in assessing their properties against the needs of guests who require some extra consideration.

Share detailed information and the accessible amenities of your property in your Travel For All listing, and link to this information from other marketing channels.

Let people know more about you.

Dale Reardon and Charlie, his seeing eye dog


The community discussion forums and blog are now live.

We have forums for both operators and travellers.
Ask questions, share your experience and meet travellers and tourism operators.

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